Monday, 10 December 2012

WIRED ????? OH YES !!!! ....

Ribbon... I'm talking about ! Its funny as when I serve people in the shop and the unknowingly pick out a wired ribbon their initial response is "ooo no, I don't want wired" but when I tell them that wired is better than unwired and the benefits of it, they quickly change their minds, you see it's like getting two for the price of one !!! and who can resist that ???
So when i got sent a couple of wired ribbons from Fantastic Ribbons for this months project, I knew I wanted to use it in it's wired form. We were asked to do wrapping, and after beating out tunes and doing some lyrics, I realised that it was wrapping with ribbon...Of Course DUH !!!!! 
So I set my mind to work and thought about gift giving and one of the nicest gifts to receive is one thats wrapped beautifully, so much so that it's part of the present.
So I took a plain candle and wrapped it in the wide snowflake ribbon, leaving plenty at the top to fold over and make loops with, next I used the 15mm Blue Wired Edge ribbon to, first, tie a bow at the front, then cutting a length, I pulled out one of the wires, took the other end with the wire still attached, hooked it over (so as it doesn't come all the way through) and pulled till I got a gathered flower, popped a diamond in the centre and stuck it to the snowflake ribbon....

I just love the way you can manipulate it and get it to do exactly what YOU want.

And there you have it. a simple gift, perfectly wrapped ready to give...unless you want to keep it for yourself of course ;) 

Marion xxx