Saturday, 28 December 2013


Bringing in the New......
Well Christmas is over and I hope you all had a fabulous one and everyone got what they wished for....
I've been VERY busy not only at home....... I felt the urge to sort....this happens to me around this time of year... Here's some before and afters..

OK... We all know it's NOT going to last, but I feel good, for now LOL !!! But this urge didn't just stay at home, oh no....the shop is getting a little TLC as well :) :)
We had 7 boxes of lushness arrive from the good ole USA before Christmas and now I need to get it out to share all the yumminess with you .....
Here's a little clue of lots of the stash we've got in.......
Elfred couldn't resist.....can you ??

See you on the 4th Jan
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Monday, 23 December 2013


NEVER just 'play' with trimmers.....ooooh Elfred !!!!

Marion xxx
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Sunday, 22 December 2013


Guess who we caught having a read of the Fabulous PaperCrafts Magazine.....good taste Elfred

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Friday, 20 December 2013


Well, Elfred's been a bit missing lately.... Can you spot him in this pic ?'s not easy is it, but if you look closely you'll see him hanging from the bird cage.

I think he's tucked himself away in case someone tries to grab him on our SALE day, what....... you didn't know about our SALE day ? !!!! Just pop on in anytime this Saturday and grab your voucher and claim anything between 20% to 40% OFF your purchase, fab for stocking up on all those crafting essentials that you're going to need while we're closed. Yes we're closing BUT don't worry we're opening again :) :)
We close at 5pm on SATURDAY 21st DECEMBER and then after a fabbi rest we'll be raring to go again on SATURDAY 4th JANUARY....So if we don't see you before, have a sparkling and magical Christmas and a bubblicious New Year......AND........last but not least......A MAHOOSIVE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR CUSTOM THIS PAST YEAR. WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU, YOURE OUR ROCKS !!!!
P.S. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook (Sugar and Spice Crafts) so you don't miss any of our festive videos we've been creating for you.... Move over X Factor !!!
Marion, Nina, Mum and Chilli
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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


In case you don't get our newsletter, we didn't want you to miss out on our Special Super Sugar and Spice Sale.......

This isn't just any SALE...oh no... Every person coming in the shop on Saturday 21st December will be given a voucher....NOT just any voucher oh no.... the vouchers will have discount amounts on them, it could be 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% or even 40%. OFF your entire purchase *  they are valid for the 21st December ONLY. Its our christmas gift to you, to THANK YOU for your fabbi custom throughout this year.....
We will be closing at 5pm on Saturday 21st December and re-opening at 10am on Saturday 4th January 2014.
If we don't see you, have a gorgeous christmas and a sparkling New Year.
Love and Hugs
Marion, Nina, Barbie and Chilli xxxx
* Excludes, sale items, gift vouchers, books/magazine or Classes

Sunday, 15 December 2013


And it's not even here yet...... I've never had such a long birthday celebration. Yesterday was so funny, I got into the shop to find all the lovely ladies from Nina's class had done me a MAHOOSIVE box of pressies.......ALL beginning with the letter 'M' I had to try and guess them, but I was pretty damn useless :) :) THANK YOU guys, it was FAB...

Yes, I'm wearing Marigolds AND Mittens LOL !!

I even got a Medal for devotion to craft !!
Elfred got in on the act....

So tomorrow I turn the BIG 50.... All I can say is, after all this fun and celebrating and being totally spoilt.... 51 is going to be such a let down !!!!
Keep an eye out for the newsletter coming out on TUESDAY with a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT..... All I can say is keep Saturday 21st free.......
Marion xxx
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Last night was our Christmas night out and we joined in with lots of others from Barleylands and spent a fabulous evening eating, drinking and singing.

This pose was all about holding in the 'chins'

Martin sneaking in on the shot !!!

Chilli, mum and me before the food mountain came.
A MAHOOSIVE thank you to Nicole and ALL her staff for putting on a fabulous evening, the food was plentiful and YUMMY !!!

I got the lucky plate.......with 4 yorkshire puds .....Nom Nom !!!
Our lovely Dean, couldn't make it as he was teaching, so we didn't want him to miss out, so we popped a little plate of food and a glass of vino over to him....

So, whilst we were having fun, what was Elfred get up to ????

All I can say is that'll teach him for playing with the sticky foam pads !!!!!
Marion xxx
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Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Well, I wish, but we did have fun on our latest trip to the States and I've captured one of those moments, whilst driving the loooooong road to Vegas.
Here I've used the Kaisercraft Paradiso Collection along with one of their fab Masks, yummy buttons and a 7 gypsies clear stamp, all for my Jones DT Post.

Using the chevron mask and grunge paste just do two corners on your chosen Cardstock.

Then lay the mask back over the paste, once it's dry ! And add a bit of colour, I used a HS Color Shine and a bit of cut n dry.

Then I cut some tags from the different card stocks in the range, using the 7 Gypsies stamp I added the text to one of the tags then added a bit of twine.
I tore out a heart shape and stuck it all down between the two masked areas.

I made a flower from white Bazzill, then pouched some leaves from a circle punch.

Added some buttons and words from one of the papers........

And there you have it a quick and simple layout.
Marion xxx
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Monday, 9 December 2013


Well, today's was Elfred's day out. So we set off up to WOW HQ....

He was a very good passenger :) :)
He had a good look around HQ and then it was time for his photo shoot....I think he's a bit of a poseur !!!

Sally very kindly made me a birthday meringue, full of thick cream, Nutella, hazelnuts and yumminess, so even though it was a week early, there was no way it was going to last, in fact it didn't even last 1/2 hour. But Elfred got in there before it all went....

More adventures tomorrow....
Marion xxx
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Sunday, 8 December 2013


.....Play with Ribbon and Tulle...... Our little Elfred ..... Yes he's been named !!!!! Was a little bit naughty and got caught up playing with the ribbons and tulle. Serves him right LOL !!!

If I can untangle him he's coming on a road trip with me tomorrow.
In the meantime, I've been working on a layout class...dates will be announced soon... Here's a little sneak :)

Some of you may know that on the 16th I turn 50 !!!! Well, Nina (bless her heart) arranged a surprise gathering last night. I was absolutely gob smacked, just the fact that people had travelled from as far away as Surrey, Hertfordshire and Suffolk, and so many lovely customers were there, meant the world to me, unfortunately, it's a terrible picture to share with you but sadly it's all I've got :(

I'm truly honoured to be blessed with such friends in the industry as Julie Hickey, Paula Pascual, Emma Godfrey, Leandra Franich and hubby Mark, Tania (WOW) Ahmed, and EVERYONE else I know.
THANK YOU ALL so much for coming along and making it FAB....
Well done Nina and, of course, my lovely mum :) :)
Marion xxx
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Saturday, 7 December 2013


Nina bought our little guy a pressie.....

He's got his very own sleigh, how cute is that !!
The votes have been coming in and so far it's very close for Elfred or sparkle.....keep them coming.
Most people are email me with their suggestions and that's fine :) :)
Marion xxx
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Friday, 6 December 2013


Seeing as it's Friday and mum and Chilli are in, you just know the kettle isn't going to get much rest.
But look, they've got a little helper.....

He's very well trained you know ;)
Marion xxx
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Thursday, 5 December 2013


Our cheeky little Elf is practising his embossing skills...... Obviously he's gone for the best WOW powders. I don't think he's mastered it yet, but he's getting there :) :)

We've had some great name suggestions, so I'm going to list them below and you can vote for your favourite. You can email, blog or Facebook your favourite
Here goes.....
Elfie bubbles
Naughty spice
He's very grateful that you've all taken the time to make suggestions and so are we :) :)
Marion xxx

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Our little Elf is being educated in craft today......

He's peeking over Nina's shoulder while she teaches some of our lovely ladies.....
We're gathering a list of name suggestions, that we'll post soon and let the voting begin
Marion xxx
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Well.... What do you think our Elf should be called, he's a wee bit cheeky and I have a feeling he's going to get up to lots of mischief...but, he NEEDS a name...

Here he is having a bath in our drawer of yummy buttons....if you look closely you can even see the bubbles !!!! At least he's clean :) :)
Myself and Nina managed to have a little play this what did we opt for ? Project Life of course!!! This time we made a couple of quick and I mean, QUICK cards, it's a no brainer for card making.

Then, while I had my mojo out I had a play with my favourite die at the mo....

I love the simplicity of this die, coupled with Heidi Swapp Color Shine, Sequins, Twine, Diamontes and a WOW stamp, it makes for a quick and easy card.

Fold your Kraft card stock in half, die cut 3 rows of hearts, splat some Color Shine, stamp the word Love, stick on some sequins and fill with a little Diamonte, tie 2 twine bows and adhere.
Just round one of the corners off front and back

Here's a little close up of the bows, I just popped a smaller one on top of the other and a little diamonte in the centre.
Now I can't wait to see what he with no name will get up to never know he may even get christened tomorrow.
Marion xxx
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Sunday, 1 December 2013


Project Life...
After the excitement of seeing tiny footsteps in the shop, I spent the day playing with Project Life with Polly, and of course my mum kept us refreshed with hundreds of cups of tea..... Ok it was probably more like 3 or 4, but who's counting :) :)

Obviously, others had the same idea, as we sold lots of it today, but don't worry I've got more coming in.....I'm addicted LOL !!!
When I got home, my lovely hubby had got the tree out, then it was my favourite bit....decorating the tree.
Here's a lovely atmospheric pic ..... The weird thing is, some of the lights are flashing, thing is.... I've never bought flashing lights !!!

Getting the fireplace ready..... Still got stuff to add....

Don't want to over do it .... But can't help me a bit of glittery magic !!

Marion xxxx
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Guess who's coming to sugar and spice this month........

We're sooooo excited !!!
Marion xxxx
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