Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Well on Monday morning I got the phone call I was dreading..... you see two of our neighbours at the shop had been broken into and had cash stolen. Me, as bold as brass said, there was NO WAY they would come back a second night....... But guess what ????
This time it was MY shop, so there was the phone call. the awful thing is on my way over I couldn't help but imagine ALL kinds of scenarios and trust me I have a rather vivid imagination !!
My mum and Nina were first on the scene, I was stuck in school hour traffic !!! but as I went into the shop I was pleasantly surprised as it all looked perfectly normal. Apart from the hundreds of pieces of glass all over the kitchen and stuff shoved out from under the counter, they were obviously looking for cash, but guess what???? they got NONE, NADA, ZIP !!!
Mum and Nina were absolutely FAB in helping clear up and staying with me while the forensic girl and police arrived. It was only while my mum was in the kitchen that she realised with horror that something had been stolen.......HER CIGARETTES !!!!! I wont repeat what she said but it was something like "cheeky little blighters" you get the drift :) :) 
Now I've called this silver linings, because, well, thats they way I am, I always believe that out of a negative there comes a positive, thats why not a lot of people get me down. so for me the Silver Lining was the fact that :-
1. they didn't trash the place, they so could have, especially as they left virtually empty handed
2. it now means that we have a spik and span kitchen
3. it's probably put another day or two on my mums life :) :) :) (less cigarettes) 
4. no-one was hurt
So when Hazel popped over to see us today, on her way out she said commiserations to me and i told her to say congratulations as everything is OK and Sugar and Spice goes on to fight another day.
Lets face it, there's a lot worse going on in the world than a bit of glass in my kitchen !!!
So to celebrate our lucky escape we went and ordered 34 NEW BAZZILL COLOURS to go with our extensive range we already have. We keep getting told by our lovely customers that we have the BEST selection around.... and you know what guys??? we do that for YOU !!!
Here's a little looksie at the NEW colours arriving any day now :) :) 
You may come and stroke them when they arrive

Marion xxx